Ayu Laksmi - Unite Love for The World
Throught the art which step on tri hita karana and spread widely by the help of technology, Ayu laksmi sows the affection and cultivates it through her art work. Ayu Laksmi will singing on 11st August 2012 at Indonesia Pavilion with theme "Cinta Indonesia"
Experience the Indonesian Traditional Games

17th AUGUST 2012, 11.00am - 03.00pm
Cracker Eating Contest, Bakiak Race, Marbles Race, Indonesian Food, Coffee and Tea.


Samosir Regency Participate in Floriade 2012. Lake Toba in North Sumatera is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Samosir Island in the lake's centre is an from a volcanic cone. The Lake Toba celebration displays the pride of the people for the beautiful land. Sulim and tagading, to accompany traditional Batak songs. You will see Art and Culture Performance from Samosir on 27 August - 10 September. Tortor dance, Gondang music instrument, Opera Batak and Ulos Fashion Show.

East Nusa Tenggara

The region is rich in art, cultural traditions and fascinating natural attractions as well as a wide range of outdoor activities, from a bountiful marine life to challenging mountain trails. East Nusa Tenggara will participate in Floriade on August 23rd till 29th.